Sheharyar Naseer

Rails app with Nginx, Puma & Capistrano in Production

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I’ve used James Dullaghan’s guide for Nginx + Unicorn + Capistrano deployments countless times now, but recently, I had to use Puma instead of Unicorn for a client. I googled for hours, but couldn’t find a guide as comprehensive and easy-to-follow as James’.

After going through countless articles and spending hours after hours fixing the bugs and issues I encountered while implementing what was written in those articles, I was able to compile a guide similar to the Unicorn one.

See it: Deploying Rails app using Nginx, Puma and Capistrano

I made this guide for myself and since this was my first time with puma there could be some issues. It uses and was tested with:

  • Ruby 2.1
  • Rails 4.1.2
  • Capistrano 3.2.1
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64
  • Only ‘approved’ gems and plugins mentioned on the official capistrano and puma wikis