Sheharyar Naseer

Nginx config Syntax Highlighting in SublimeText

I love Sublime, I can’t emphasize that enough. Also, quite often enough I have to deal with nginx configuration files and without the syntax highlighting support for nginx files in Sublime Text, it can become a pain in the ass. Today I found the ass-pain remover for my problem and I thought I share it here.

Introducing the Awesome Nginx Syntax Highlighting Plugin by Brandon Wamboldt. It automatically recognizes *.conf, *.conf.erb, nginx.conf and other relevant extensions & file names and also offers tons of completions within nginx files.

Nginx Syntax Highlighting

To install, simply download the source and place it in your Packages Directory or better yet, if you have Package Control installed in Sublime, look for the Nginx package by Brandon Wamboldt and install it via the package manager right in Sublime.