Sheharyar Naseer

Blockchain Based File Storage in Elixir

ElixirConf EU, Warsaw
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Before you start screaming, no, I don’t actually store the files in the Blockchain. Instead in this talk, I explore the viability of using a Blockchain to encrypt, verify authenticity and keep track of ownership, changes and other metadata of files stored separately in a secure manner.

Other than that, I also quickly look at deploying and scaling independent & separate node instances of our blockchain in the cloud, using Erlang’s built-in distribution and clustering support, with Mnesia for cluster-wide state and Raft for consensus. I built a Javascript client using React to demo the features as well.

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I had the honor of giving this lightning talk to over 500+ Elixir experts and enthusiasts, live and in-person at ElixirConf EU 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

I also got the chance to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, and finally meet with fellow industry professionals and other online acquaintances IRL.

See you at the next ElixirConf!