Sheharyar Naseer

Devfest 2020 Virtual

Devfest Lahore 2020

Another year, another Devfest! Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected our lives in ways more than one and has made it harder for us to gather like minded developers, hackers and makers in one place to share ideas and learn from each other.

So this year, we decided to hold Pakistan’s biggest developers conference virtually! While the there weren’t as many talks and the turnout wasn’t as huge as our IRL conferences, we still had over 280+ virtual attendees, engaging in different sessions by our amazing speakers from all over the world:

  • Kaz Sato: Productionizing ML with ML Ops and Cloud AI
  • Sakina Abbass: Managing a Flutter App’s Data
  • Sophie Koonin: Setting Developers up for Success
  • Bob van Luijt: Semantic Search on GCP with Weaviate

There are always hiccups when organizing large-scale events, but the event being virtual and us hosting it during the pandemic definitely did have it’s own set of challenges. Even one of our speakers contracted the virus and had to drop out at the last moment. Nonetheless, it was definitely a learning experience, and while I hope we don’t have to be restricted by these conditions again next year, we will absolutely be ready for it if we have to.