Sheharyar Naseer

Crossing 50k Reputation on Stackoverflow

Back in 2017, I hit the 25,000 reputation mark on Stackoverflow. Now over 2 years later, I’ve doubled that and crossed 50k! Interestingly, during this period I did slow down a bit with my contributions, and it were my existing questions and answers that yielded the most points.


I wanted to use this opportunity to dive into my profile a bit and see what has changed. Starting with some high-level stats:

Sheharyar Naseer Stackoverflow Profile

Summing up the data:

  • 3.9 million people reached (+2.4M since last time)
  • 294 answers (+110 since last time)
  • 65 questions (+10)
  • 5114 votes cast (+1600)
  • 210 edits (+110)
  • 14 Gold, 122 Silver and 177 Bronze Badges
  • In the Top 0.29% of SO users this year
  • 7+ years since I joined Stackoverflow

Diving Deeper

Looking at the sources of my points, almost half of them are being contributed by just one of my answers: Rename package in Android Studio (That’s the Pareto Principle in action for you). The next 3 most popular answers of mine are related to Ruby/Rails.

Exploring the individual tags I’m contributing to further:

  • Elixir: 210 posts, 860 upvotes
  • Ruby: 42 posts, 650 upvotes
  • Android: 47 posts, 2800+ upvotes

So while I’ve been extremely active contributing answers related to Elixir, they haven’t received enough attention compared to some of my answers on one of the most popular tags on SO, Android. I might be wrong, but a few other reasons I can think of why this might be the case is that Elixir devs are generally much more experienced so they might not need to ask questions on Stackoverflow.

Another reason is possibly the excellent documentation system in Elixir that automatically generates beautiful and easily readable docs for every project you’re working on. I feel the super-active communities on ElixirForum and the Elixir Slack might also be what devs prefer going to when they don’t know how to solve a certain problem.

The Top 10

Finally, on to the unofficial list of top SO users from Pakistan. 2 years ago I was hovering around the 10th position, and now I’m at the 6th. That’s quite a jump! Although the road ahead is much harder with users with reputation well over 100k and 200k!

Before I end this post, I’d like to appreciate this beautiful graph of my 7 year long journey on Stackoverflow. Here’s to 7 more years!

Stackoverflow Reputation Graph